Freerolls are poker events that do not need players to use real money to participate. Freerolls provide the chance to acquire poker expertise without the risk of losing money, which deters many novice players.
Professional poker players say that freerolls are ideal for novices because they enable them to learn the fundamentals of the game without incurring any risks. Freerolls are also perfect for folks who simply want to play the game for fun and have a good time, regardless of whether they win or lose. In freerolls, it is possible to win a reward, which, although being much lower than in “real tournaments,” provides extra incentive for participants.
Even though decently skilled poker players are an uncommon sight in freerolls (in comparison to novices), they may sometimes be seen. Because playing “traditional” poker might sometimes tire them, freerolls provide them with the option to expand their game and add twists. Freerolls are far more aggressive than “traditional” Texas Hold’em, with all-ins being a frequent move.

No-limit hand.

Freeroll also refers to a unique circumstance with two players left in which one player is assured to at least share the pot with his opponent regardless of the last cards, but has a chance to win the whole pot if certain final cards are given. This happens prior to the last card being dealt.