On Monday, April 17, 888poker concluded its latest $100,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event, with the format continuing to provide players of the site outstanding action throughout the tournament. The Mystery Bounty tournament series has found a permanent home on 888poker, and the site now hosts daily Pot-Limit Omaha variations of the event.

“YamaaKK” from Brazil came out on top to win this week’s tournament, taking home the first-place prize of $7,771 as well as an additional $473 in bonuses, bringing his total earnings to $8,244. However, the player who went by the name “d5t6y7” from the United Kingdom emerged victorious, taking home the top reward award of $10,000 as well as an additional $525 in bounties. In addition, “d5t6y7” was able to complete the tournament in 10th place, earning him $572 and bringing his total earnings to $11,097.

The prize pool was verified to be $100,200, owing to the total of 804 participants and 198 rebuys, which just above the guarantee of $100,000 that was set for the tournament.

Final Table Results

5“Paradigm21”United Kingdom$2,284$1,272$3,556

The Finishing Moves at the Table

As is customary, the action from the final table was streamed live on the 888pokerTV channel, which is the Twitch channel for the site. David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall provided coverage of the cards being dealt.

“alligatorboy” was the first player to be eliminated from the final table. He had gotten in his stack preflop with pocket kings, but he was up against the pocket queens held by “topdoll827,” who would go on to finish in second place. They had a set thanks to a queen that appeared on the flip, and they held out to win the pot and eliminate their opponents.

The elimination of “Nakkinen123” by “YamaaKK” marked the beginning of the session’s first final table casualty. From the button position, “YamaaKK” made the opening bet with queen-nine offsuit, and “Nakkinen123” from the large blind called with king-jack. “Nakkinen123” check-called a tiny bet on the K-T-2 flop, and the turn card was a jack. This resulted in “Nakkinen123” winning the pot. Even though “Nakkinen123” improved to two pairs, they were still behind “YamaaKK” who had a straight. After that, every chip was placed in the center of the table, and “Nakkinen123” was unable to successfully boat up to survive.

“ob1wahn” was then left as the short stack when their ace-king was outflopped by the ace-deuce of “Paradigm21” in a struggle between blind players. “Paradigm21” was the player that won the hand. The very next hand, they were all in preflop with queen-jack, and their opponent had “coutopkr” with a hand value of queen-five against them. It was enough for the latter to win the hand when a five appeared on the flip, and “ob1wahn” was eliminated in seventh place as a result.

The player with the clever nickname “8ate8” was the second one to leave the final table. They were engaged in a traditional flip against the name “YamaaKK.” The first player had pocket jacks, while the player who ultimately prevailed had ace-king suited. The player known as “YamaaKK” completed a flush on the river to win the pot, advancing them to the final table of the event.

Soon after that, “YamaaKK” completed the final table eliminations by knocking out “Paradigm21” with jack-ten. This made it a three-way tie for first place. The team known as “YamaaKK” used the river once again to couple up and move ahead of their rival’s pair of sevens.

After that, “YamaaKK” competed against fellow countryman “coutopkr” in yet another game of “jacks versus ace-king.” This time around, “YaMaaKK” held the pocket pair that continued to be the best after the runout.

“Cavalito_,” who had just 1.9 large blinds when the previous hand was played, managed to ladder up to third place, but he would soon follow “coutopkr” out the door of the virtual tournament.

“YamaaKK” entered heads-up play with a chip lead of about 4:1, but it wasn’t smooth sailing as the chip lead changed hands numerous times throughout the course of the game. Despite this, “YamaaKK” was able to reclaim their position as the dominant player. They limped in with pocket kings on the last hand of the night and then called quickly when “topdoll827” jammed their final ten big blinds with jack-eight. This was the final hand of the night. It was confirmed that “topdoll827” finished in second place when he discovered a jack on the turn but was unable to enhance his hand on the river.

Source: www.pokernews.com