One of the top poker players in the world, Bryn Kenney has been accused of cheating. The internet is full of commentary on this complex situation, and we’re here to break it all down and give you a summary of the situation.

Shortly after Alex Foxen accused Ali Imsirovic of cheatingallegations were also made about Bryn Kenney, leader of the All-Time Money list. Over the course of the past couple of days, not only has Kenney come forward to deny the claims but also the poker community has erupted with commentary on the situation.

Bryn Kenney address the rumors in an interview with PokerNews, but where the most important information seems to be is in Joe Ingram’s recent podcast with Doug Polk. They react to the Bryn’s defense, which is incredibly valuable in this situation since there are so many moving parts that more casual poker players may not know what to believe or even what exactly is going on.

It’s a very long video so, if you have a couple hours to spare, give it a watch. However, we’ve summarized all of the important points here.

The Use of Team Viewer While Playing Online Poker

One of the allegations deals with the fact that Bryn Kenney has used TeamViewer. This is considered a bad thing due to the fact that this program is commonly used to help players collude at online poker sites.

However, Polk and Ingram state that this isn’t really a damning piece of evidence. Both players have noted that TeamViewer is a commonly used program in the poker community. It makes it easy for players to share hand history and comment on each other’s activity.

However, he later contradicts himself by stating that he doesn’t have time to coach individuals. To that comment, Polk asks, “then, what’s the TeamViewer for?”.

Use of RTAs by Kenney’s Horses

Another claim is that Bryn encouraged the use of RTA (Real Time Assistance) software among the horses in his stable. This claim, among many others, was made by poker pro Martin Zamani:

Since we are in the midst of calling out cheaters @BrynKenney and all his horses are basically forced to collude on GG esp in satties. “ do what’s best for the team” he wouldn’t let me play GG 5k plo events on my account but on party I could play 10Ks if said horse ghost was.

In Kenney’s interview, he basically defends himself by saying that there’s no need for him to cheat via his horses to earn thousands when he’s made millions of dollars over his career. Polk responds to this by saying that the focus on the amount of money rather than the alleged issue is a red flag.

Ghosting Among Online Poker Communities

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “ghosting” in the poker world, it means that a professional player or a player with a significant skill level plays on the account of another player. This may be done for players who want to play on an account of a lesser-known player so they can hustle players who don’t know that they are competing against pro. Another reason would be to play at a site that you have been banned from.

This applies to the Bryn Kenney situation because it has been alleged that Bryn had ghosted by playing on the account of his good friend Lauren Roberts.

In the interview, Bryn claims that he has no financial incentive to ghost using Lauren’s account. However, Polk notes that this isn’t necessarily true, as she would owe him less which is a definite benefit to him. Bryn also goes on to say that Lauren owes him a “huge amount of money” – which also contradicts his claim. Still, they don’t condone Lauren having not paid off her debts.

Is There Enough Evidence?

More information is definitely needed, as this is a very complex situation with many different conflicting accounts of what happened. Joe Ingram mentioned that he may do his own interview with Bryn while a person in the video’s live chat stated that Lauren Roberts is considering working with Solve For Wise in order to address the issue. So, we’ll certainly be keeping our eye on the situation, as we learn more.

What do you think about the situation? Is there enough of Kenney’s cheating, or is more investigation needed?