In today’s modern poker strategies, the best players are not only skilled in the mechanics of poker, but they also have a deep understanding of its mathematics. This includes probability and statistics. The best players are able to calculate their odds more accurately and make more informed decisions on whether or not to play certain hands. This is because they know that a lot of the time, luck is what determines who wins or loses at poker. However, the main idea of modern poker strategy is always related to the “GTO” – Game Theory Optimal Strategy.

When you play a game using GTO strategies, your opponents can’t get any kind of advantage over you. Your overall tactics and strategies are built with the only one idea – being better than your opponent.  For this reason, these are often considered the best strategies. There are dozens of different GTO concepts that are being used in poker, and if you want to be a professional player, you should know how to use at least two or three of them. Such strategies as mixed frequency plays, concept of bluff-to-value ratios and idea of defense frequency are good enough by themselves, but using them all together can be much more effective. And remember that you are not the only clever one in the match! Your opponents can use such tactics too, and you should be ready to change the tactic you use accordingly to the GTO strategy.