Occasionally, a poker player may start losing games for no apparent reason. We refer to this as a “downstreak” when it occurs. Remember that a losing streak is different from a single loss. A protracted losing run might be difficult to reverse. A losing streak is something that may happen to any player, and it’s quite unlikely that you’ll be immune to them.
Dispersion, the disparity between predicted long-term financial gains and actual short-term revenue, is often to blame for a losing streak. Naturally, the dispersion is seldom in the player’s favor, and this may damage confidence, leading to even more losses. Disappointment and anger at the gap between expected and actual outcomes might lead to more irrational decisions and play.
You can’t tilt and attempt to frantically switch strategy in the middle of a game and expect to win when on a losing run. Any poker player will eventually experience a losing run; accepting this truth is a necessary part of playing the game. It’s a waste of time to take the advise of so-called “experts” and attempt to calculate when a losing streak will begin and finish; instead, you should work on honing your poker discipline and strategy. In addition, some experts argue that losing streaks provide an opportunity to examine and adjust one’s approach to the game.